<![CDATA[Blank Title - Author Bio]]>Mon, 11 Dec 2017 11:36:34 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[January 23, 2015]]>Fri, 23 Jan 2015 09:37:42 GMThttp://juditherwinofficialwebsite.com/author-bio/january-23-2015Dear Kind and Patient Readers,
    You make plans, and then life happens. It happened to me in 2014. Shadow of Doubt, Ansley Sheridan's story of recreating a life after divorce takes away a woman's foundation, was supposed to debut in December. However, I failed to factor in a persistent bout with pneumonia that robbed me of about six weeks of productive time. Thus, Ansley is now set to debut next month. However, as I reflected on a year of turmoil and wanted to have my day in the land of self-pity because Christmas dinner was from the frozen food section of Publix, I remembered how many wonderful events occurred to outweigh the less wonderful. 

    Shadow of Silence debuted in January to overwhelming reader reaction--the culmination of a lifetime dream; While I lost a treasured fur friend of fifteen years in March, I added a new one to the family in June; I saw a beautiful granddaughter marry an outstanding young man in a exquisite ceremony; I went on a delightful cruise with my daughter, got to spend time with my three grandsons and granddaughter-in-law to be, and  enjoyed wonderful lunches, dinners, and concerts with my two younger granddaughters; I made new friends and enjoyed the old; I saw Shadow of Doubt off to the printer and made great progress with Shadow of the Past. Summing it all up: I wouldn't forfeit the good events to erase the bad. In the great scheme of things, I've had over seventy good Christmases, therefore, I can take in stride the one that got away. Besides, we had a great delayed celebration on January 11th, albeit the tree and carols were absent--but the Christmas bears were in full attendance. There is no doubt but that my blessings outnumber my challenges.

    I hope that all of you will read and enjoy Shadow of Doubt. I'm equally excited about Fury O'Quinn and her quest to unlock the secrets of the past in Shadow of the Past. I do believe that 2015 is to be a great year and wish the same for all of you.
<![CDATA[March 08th, 2014]]>Sat, 08 Mar 2014 21:47:10 GMThttp://juditherwinofficialwebsite.com/author-bio/march-08th-2014Readers,

    With a heart filled with gratitude, I thank you for all the wonderful comments that Shadow of Silence has received since its release in January. Having said that, I want to apologize for not writing this sooner. Like the little demons who reside inside my computer with a sole mission of destroying my sanity, there are time-demons who steal away chunks of life.

    While Annie and Dan have been making their way around the globe (I understand that readers in Canada, the UK, and Italy have put Shadow on their e-readers), I have been toiling away at Shadow of Betrayal. Betrayal is the story of Ansley Collier Sheridan. You may recall meeting Ansley in the Atlanta airport when she and Annie engaged in a brief conversation.

    Ansley is a former ballet dancer who walked away from a major ballet company to marry Mark. As you might suspect, that didn't turn out so well. In recovering her self-esteem and forging a new life, Ansley becomes an attorney, who is intent on remaining single and independent. "Trust no man" could be her motto. However, despite her resolve, she is ill-prepared to cope with the man who unexpectedly steps into her life.

    What happens? I can't tell you that. I can tell you that the computer demons willing, Shadow of Betrayal should be available before Christmas.

<![CDATA[Becoming a novelist . . .]]>Thu, 02 Jan 2014 09:24:05 GMThttp://juditherwinofficialwebsite.com/author-bio/1Shadow of Silence is my debut novel, some sixty-eight years in the making. It was in second grade in 1946 that I first arranged words on paper in a way that intrigued me with the emotion they could convey. An avid reader from before I knew the meaning of words contained in the Sunday comics, the idea of filling pages with a story haunted me through life.

However, on my way to novelist, I accidentally became an attorney, intentionally became a wife and mother (and grandmother), and finally found my way into the fringe of the literary society.

With roots in the South going back to 1637 when my father's first ancestor stepped off the boat from England onto the shores of Virginia, I treasure my British heritage on both maternal and paternal sides, but am drawn to the Celtic roots of my Dublin born grandmother. In Shadow of Silence, one of my favorite characters is Annie's confidante, Molly O'Brien. Her no-nonsense spunk and spontaneous wisdom gives Annie the support she can find nowhere else. In my forth-coming novel, as yet untitled, I again draw from the fascination with Ireland to give the protagonist my grandmother's surname of Sheridan.

Annie Cameron, the protagonist of Shadow, became very dear to me over the course of the twelve months of writing the first complete draft. I feared for her, laughed with her, and shed a few tears along the way. Annie faced a dilemma that I do not know how I would have handled. Readers may applaud or condemn her choices, but I hope they will feel empathy for a young woman with good intentions who was dealt an impossible situation.